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Strategic Beverage Management

Let your business choices lead the way to bigger and better.

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Hotels & Restaurants

From rustic to fine dining

Encompassing all levels of the hospitality and f & b supply chain from producer to customer via staff and stockists, the Hamilton/Frisk team help you optimize your beverage management strategies and maximize your outcome every step of the way. With our excellent network and first-hand experience in hospitality management, import/export and international trends, we offer a unique stance in pointing you to the best options available. 

Independent Bars & Cafés

Conceptualization and creative solutions

So you have a little bar, a café on the corner or an indie theater in the smaller-scale districts of the city. What if you had more to give than that show, those pastries or that half-cool beer that really cost you too much to get in the first place? Hamilton/Frisk is here to help, whether in creating your own beverages from scratch, your strategy for better purchases or developing your brand to hit new audiences.

Cafe Interior
Ice Cream Party
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Importers & Stockists

Strategic choices, creative connections

First-hand experience in beverage import/ export, production and sales management warrants a fruitful outlook and insight in the business. Hamilton/Frisk prepare you as a small-scale importer or stockist for international launches, large-scale fairs, offer guidance in negotiations as well as legal advice for specific concepts and products. Should creating your own product be advisable, our international network of business contacts offers a multitude of further possibilities.

Leende Student i Föreläsning

Maps to move forward, tips to make it happen

Our team encompasses all stages of professional beverage management from floor service to executive strategy. Hamilton/Frisk are happy to guide you as an individual toward the next step in your career, as well as companies who wish to embark on a collective staff journey toward a specific goal. We offer workshops, courses, lectures and bespoke higher education according to specific needs and wishes, combining theory with practical strands and guarantee relevant work experience.

Leende Student i Föreläsning
Arbeta tillsammans med projektet
Arbeta tillsammans med projektet

Public Sector

Procurement, jurisdiction and decision-making

Scandinavian alcohol jurisdiction is famously complex, both nationally and internationally. Including Swedes, Norwegians, Danes and Fins, the Hamilton/Frisk team are well trained in navigating the labyrinths of inter-Nordic beverage flow. We are happy to help you as a university, a museum, a public library or a municipal, regional or governmental institution make the best decisions for your needs, as well as the people you work for.

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Consultations & Lectures

Business overview, bespoke strategic advice

Sometimes you're almost there but not quite. What's missing, where can you find new paths and how exactly do you get your staff to walk the same line as you? Hamilton/ Frisk are happy to give an overview as well as in-depth analyses pertaining to beverage strategy, financial advice, staff-related questions, international jurisdiction and  conceptual and branding consultation. Whether as a management team or an individual member, we offer bespoke input to make a tangible difference.

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