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About Us


About Us

At the heart of any outstanding beverage experience are the right tools and the right people. Service is all about those perfect matches, which we at Hamilton/Frisk take extremely seriously.

Gothenburg-based founder Alexander Frisk has over 20 years' experience within sommelierie and mixology, product development, sales management, brand strategy, as well as food & beverage management from a wide range of establishments - from rustic small-scale to international Michelin star restaurants, "World's 50 best bars"-listed bars and hotels of international renown. Our many amazing collaborators, like us, choose to work only with the best.  Operating throughout Scandinavia, the Hamilton/Frisk team is big and diverse, our commitment absolute and our collected knowledge and experience within fine wines, spirits, non-alcoholic beverages and curation of exclusive events aspires to the highest international standard.

Together, we pledge to do our very best for your fine beverage experience. You dream. We do. 

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