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Artisans of Mixology*

Conquer your bitters, master your mixes. And ace them all.

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History & Tradition

From prohibition to piña colada

What is mixology? When was the first cocktail ever made? And how come the people on that picture look so happy? Starting with the ten basic cocktails, as stated by Jerry Thomas in his "Bar-Tender's Guide or How to Mix Drinks" from 1862 Hamilton/Frisk's artisans take pride in following mixology and its development into our day. Depending on the level you wish to conquer, we are happy to arrange a lecture, a workshop, a course, a tasting or any combo thereof.

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Non-Alcoholic & Vegan

Go healthy with superb alternatives

Not only are they healthier - they are also heavenly in taste, sublime in beauty and kind on your finances! The artisans of Hamilton/Frisk proudly present our non-alcoholic alternatives, all vegan and sustainably produced in collaboration with local farmers where possible. Equally popular among toddlers as teenagers, grandparents and health profiles. Want to mix your own mocktail or try a few alternatives out before you decide? Book a workshop or a tasting!

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Ice Cream Party
Mixology Supplies

Tools & Mixing Techniques

Shaking, blending, stirring those sticks

Building, shaking, stirring, blending, dripping, frizzing and finally sipping it! Ah yes. Cocktails and the art of mixology is in the very blood running through Hamilton/Frisk's veins and it is our pleasure to share our passion and knowledge with you - professionals and amateurs alike. Get down to business with a proper Boston shaker, tweak that absinth spoon, hold that julep strainer tight and be sure to maneuvre your ice stick as you should. Get in touch.

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Bottles, decanters, glasses and cups

Your choice of glassware is almost as important as your components whether making a cocktail or sipping a fine wine. Luckily, this too happens to be our passion at Hamilton/Frisk. So tie that apron in the back and let's take you through the crystal jungle of Collins glasses, Nick and Noras, coupettes, tumblers and hurricanes. And that's just the cocktail glasses! We offer lectures, workshops, courses and consultations as well as bespoke connections with glassware suppliers.

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cocktail making


Spirits, sugar, water and bitters?

From the very first rustic cocktails back in the day to today's sensorial masterpieces of unexpected alternatives and revelations - Hamilton/Frisk love them all. Whether you be an experienced beverage professional or a happy novice, our experts are here to guide you through a never-ending world of tastes, scents, structures and effects. Let your creativity be inspired by new encounters and impressions. Book a workshop, a course or bespoke higher education.

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From flower petals to fireworks

Ever wanted to perfect your dry ice? Beat that foam a little better, master your fire acts or pick the perfect flowers for a special midsummer night creation? How the cocktail is presented remains your most memorable impression of it, beside its taste. With Hamilton/Frisk's artisans of mixology, take the next step in your mixology journey to make as mind-blowing an impression as we like to do. With explosions, flowers, smoke, high towers, crystal clear ice or just a little fire.

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* All concepts containing alcohol are reserved for participants aged 20 or over. 

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